IHDA – Irish Heart Disease Awareness

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Liz O’Donnell has become a public affairs advisor to IHDAIrish Heart Disease Awareness is an Irish registered charity, founded by H& K owner and philanthropist David Bobbett.

The aim of the organisation is to raise awareness of the impact of plaque eruption on deaths by heart attack and the fact that there is a test or scan of the heart to determine the level of calcification. Calcification only occurs in diseased vessels.  Awareness of the existence of heart disease through this test can reduce the incidence of death from heart attack in asymptomatic patients.

For more information please see www.ihda.ie

Irish Heart Disease Awareness and

'The Widowmaker'

“The Widowmaker” is a film which has been financially supported by IHDA. It is to première at the Boston Film Festival on 25th September. The film, directed by renowned documentary film maker Patrick Forbes narrates in a dramatic way, the development of cardiology in the United States .