Liz O Donnell St Patrick’s Day events in Washington DC to mark 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement 8

St Patrick’s Day Washington DC, 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement

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Liz O’Donnell attended a special event marking the 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington D.C.

The evening the consisted of a special St Patrick’s Day Gala evening, was presented by the Irish Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs, curated in partnership with the National Concert Hall of Ireland.

It was that deep friendship, forged in our common love of freedom, expressed in music and word, that made America a natural partner in the quest for peace on our island. The Irish diaspora in America is as much Ulster as it is Connacht. America, like St Patrick, reminds us of the rich heritage we share across our island.

From our roots in traditional music, to the songs that travelled the globe, to the words of our poets past and present – we trace the cultural odyssey of Ireland and America up to the present day, 25 years after the Good Friday Agreement, acknowledging our past challenges, and now looking forward with justified hope.